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In the above video breakdown police recruitment expert, Richard McMunn, will give you his TOP 5 POLICE OFFICER INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS!

Here’s are the 5 police officer interview questions covered in this tutorial:

POLICE OFFICER INTERVIEW QUESTION Q1. Why do you want to become a police officer? 00:55

POLICE OFFICER INTERVIEW QUESTION Q2. What skills are needed to be a police officer? 02:07

POLICE OFFICER INTERVIEW QUESTION Q3. What are the responsibilities of a police officer? 03:59

POLICE OFFICER INTERVIEW QUESTION Q4. Tell us about a time when you had to take responsibility for solving a difficult problem. 05:27
NOTE: Use the STAR technique to structure your answer to this question:
– You start off and tell the interviewer the SITUATION you were faced with.
– You then move and explain the TASK that needed doing.
– You then give details about the ACTION you took.
– Finish off with the RESULTS following your actions!

POLICE OFFICER INTERVIEW QUESTION Q5. What has attracted you to this Police Service? 07:45

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